i already miss you (xspikedcollarx) wrote,
i already miss you

Alright, a promise here. my livejournal is FRIENDS ONLY now. So, if you want to be added, comment to this post. I've tried having a friends only journal before, but i felt i liked it better public. this is getting annoying. Last night, i was very angry because someone IMed me and made fun of one of my friends and questioned why i'm friends with the person. I don't need to be asked that. I don't need to be harassed about my friends. the only reason why the kid knew i was friends with this person was because of my livejournal. i'm sorry to anyone who read this before.

Also, i feel safer having a friends only livejournal. The people on my friends list, i trust. Sometimes, i say some not so nice things, but i don't want them voiced throughout the world. I don't want to start any fights with friends either. Because now i know, some friends from my town are reading this now and they're if they read about someone in here, i know they'll tell the person. I do not like that. so, now it's a friends only journal. Slowly, my entries will be friends only.
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