i already miss you (xspikedcollarx) wrote,
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EviLReDHeaDeD1: roar!
EviLReDHeaDeD1: i like potatoes!
NoMailOnSundays: my friend looks like a patatoe!
EviLReDHeaDeD1: really??
EviLReDHeaDeD1: wow...
EviLReDHeaDeD1: can i met them...
EviLReDHeaDeD1: haha
NoMailOnSundays: haha. sure!
EviLReDHeaDeD1: i might eat them by accident though
NoMailOnSundays: you know when you and nick went to a kids house and you kept saying anb was playing?
EviLReDHeaDeD1: yea
NoMailOnSundays: that was his house. haha
EviLReDHeaDeD1: haha
EviLReDHeaDeD1: wow i was in mr.potatoes house....
NoMailOnSundays: hahaha!
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