i already miss you (xspikedcollarx) wrote,
i already miss you

Alright, a promise here. my livejournal is FRIENDS ONLY now. So, if you want to be added, comment to this post. I've tried having a friends only journal before, but i felt i liked it better public. this is getting annoying. Last night, i was very angry because someone IMed me and made fun of one of my friends and questioned why i'm friends with the person. I don't need to be asked that. I don't need to be harassed about my friends. the only reason why the kid knew i was friends with this person was because of my livejournal. i'm sorry to anyone who read this before.

Also, i feel safer having a friends only livejournal. The people on my friends list, i trust. Sometimes, i say some not so nice things, but i don't want them voiced throughout the world. I don't want to start any fights with friends either. Because now i know, some friends from my town are reading this now and they're if they read about someone in here, i know they'll tell the person. I do not like that. so, now it's a friends only journal. Slowly, my entries will be friends only.
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allie!! it's meggie and lisa! are we your friends? lol just makeing sure hehe <lisa!
sure are! you guys can still read my livejournal though because you're on my friends list.
me me me!
i added you too, ben! don't worry. I'm not understanding the "geoff" thing..
hey add me to ur friends list allie
surely, mr. Adam. -=addes=-
Allie its noelle
Can i be in the friends only thingy/
sure! Just give me your livejournal name, and you'll be added.
I am a nice young man, and we are tight.
You are a nice young man, Brandon. But, I never knew we were "tight". I always thought you hated me. Anyways, shall i add you?
you shall.haha.
Added you, kid.
I dont know you...but I'm into friends-only lists.
I added you, anyway! woo.
hola.it tis.edablejello.heylo.i have not talked to you in ages.bad conversation.and half the time im busy.uh anyway Hola.
me?i don't even make entrys in live jjournal anymore.i switched to diaryland.ness.bai.
actually i think im just going to delete my journal right now.diaryland.happypenguin.com
hehe. alright. I'll read up. heh. I'll IM you later.
i don't know, but you seem to know me. so if you could add me that'd be appreciated.

I did add you. But you never added me back. sniff. I added you again though.
Would it be too much to ask to be added to your friends list?
of course not. It's not too much... You're added!



15 years ago



June 28 2002, 13:29:24 UTC 15 years ago

no allie you moooooooovit

who else, kev
No,Kevin. You should mooooooooovit!